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Thursday, January 31, 2008


After much deliberation on what my obsession was this week, I realized that it was Netflix. I originally started a post on podcasts, and then on the art of Skottie Young (of New X-Men fame). But I just wasn't feeling it. But then I realized what I've been doing all week since Monday when I'm home, building my Netflix queue.

I actually just signed up for the service on Monday after much deliberation. A year and a half ago, I had a Blockbuster Online account, which was ok and pretty cheap(and helped me catch up on Smallville, Scrubs, Lost, and Monk) but the price kept going up and turnaround took too long(this was before you could return stuff to the store). But lately there has been a large amount of movies I wanna see, but no time or money to buy or rent them all. After I set it up I spent a long time figuring the first discs I wanted were. Then I rated a bunch of stuff to get suggestions, which I did for hours. Y'know how you often forget about movies you wanted to see, well those were the ones I was looking for, waiting for them to appear and smack me in the face.

Then of course Netflix now has the feature of letting you watch movies right off the site, I dove into that watching a couple Anime episodes. I also was looking to dive into one of the main reasons for getting Netflix, Doctor Who. Been curious to watch some of the classic stuff, and darn those DVDs are numerous and expensive. So that was how I spent my free time on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday I got my first 3 discs and got to watching. Can I just say there is nothing better than to go home excited that something fun is gonna be in the mailbox, I've started getting monthly comic shipments from DCBS, and now I'll be getting a bunch of DVDs in the mail, rock! My first selections were "Death Note Vol.1", "Idiocracy", and "Paprika". I started my queue with some Anime, and more particular Anime Movies, which Cat(my gf) would never rent with me, and those are the only times I goto Blockbuster. I blazed through "Death Note", and watched "Idiocracy" tonight, and I expect to enjoy "Paprika" on Saturday morning.

Hopefully this will begin a regular monthly movie obsession which I can share with you. I hope I don't sound crazy, I feel like the last person to get Netflix, I hear so many people talking about it all the time, or maybe its just the voices in my head....anyway. Plus now I can give movies I'm even only slightly interested in a chance, because why the hell not? And certain movies I've felt I need to see can finally get watched, "Brazil", "Citizen Kane", "The Good the Bad and the Ugly", etc

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